Hillbillies in the City

We took a day trip to Santiago today, to load up on groceries at the Price Smart warehouse, our answer to Costco. This is our entertainment, going to the “city”, hanging out at malls (they were all closed today, seeing that it was a holiday), watching a movie at a movie theatre (there was nothing worth seeing today) and hanging out at supermarkets, apart from Price Smart.

Really. Big supermarkets. 

We love supermarkets. How can one not like the big supermarkets? The air conditioning, the people watching, the variety of foodstuff in the aisles and the better prices in comparison to where we live….what is there not to like about supermarkets? In the people watching category, I almost bumped into a lady who scared the daylights out of me at first but then became a rather interesting figure to watch. A foreigner, elderly, tall and with well coiffed silver hair, she looked like Professor Minerva from Harry Potter. She was elegant. I thought she was. Yet, all she had on were a black blouse under her black denim jacket and long black skirt paired with black Crocs. I guess maybe that was what scared me when I almost ran into her, seeing this tall, elderly figure all in black with white hair.

Here, in the Caribbean where the weather is about 40 degrees celsius. A black denim jacket? All dressed in black? See what I mean about people watching? Now I really want to know her story. I am so nosy. I almost took her picture too.

The supermarket also had live tilapia. Fresh fish, indeed.Fish

Then it was a quick stopover at Wendy’s for our fast food fix. Nothing beats a Wendy’s chili. Except maybe a Big Mac.

The drive home takes about an hour and a half and it was dusk when we left Santiago and all was well until we hit the narrow single lane highway.When driving on rural roads, people pass each other whenever and however they want, going into oncoming traffic. Generally, people do take precautions and give themselves enough time to pull back into their lanes. Sometimes really dumb people will pass on curves. And no one slows down. In our case this evening, there was a long line of cars coming from the other direction all with their headlights fully on which blinded us. The car ahead of us had just begun to pull over onto the side of the road to park and we were about to pass him when a car coming from the other direction decided to pull out and pass the cars in the procession line, thereby coming at us head on at full velocity. It was only by a miracle of God that my husband could get as close as he could to the car that was now parked by the side of the road to miss us being in a head on collision by about maybe an inch.

The other car never slowed down.

All I could say was, “Thank you Jesus.”

Other than that, we got home safely. No dogs were made orphans today.


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