Brave ( A Five Minute Friday Post)


Write for 5 minutes straight, no editing and link back to Lisa Jo Baker’s blog.

Topic: Brave


To be brave is not about being fearless. To be brave is not all about bravado, egging each other on to do crazy dares. To be brave is to admit weakness, to be able to forgive others and to be able to love with vulnerability. To be brave is to step out when no one thinks you can, to try no matter what others think or say. To be brave is to use the voice that we have, to stand up for those who no longer can. To be brave is to be able to say, “I am sorry” and mean it, to humble ourselves so that we can rise up again. To be brave is to prefer others over ourselves, to push them on so that they will reach their goals. We are all brave, in various different ways, walking as we walk, in our relationship with our God, daring to bare ourselves and risk walking on water in the various different ways that it presents itself. To  be brave, we have to be able to reach out and take the hand of the One who holds us in His righteous right hand, so that we are able to walk with Him through the valleys and the hills. It is Him in us that makes us brave.



9 thoughts on “Brave ( A Five Minute Friday Post)

  1. “Friend” made me start crying, and after “Brave,” now I am crying buckets.
    Thanks for the words, Ade. Big hugs from here in Lima.


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